Everyone wants to earn money, one way or another, we all just have the desire to be rich and wealthy. Cause that is what success is all about, rich and wealthy. Once you reach that you are a successful person. You either born rich or die rich. It is a famous quote but also truthful If you are doing it this way, then you are doing something wrong with your life. For some it is a born talent to earn money, for some, it can be their luck on things that they just receive money. For others, it is their hard work and effort they put in to be successful. Anyhow, if you want to be successful and rich, here are some ways to do it, especially with your friends.

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By employing your friends as your share partners, you will be saving a lot of profit, and plus working with your friends can be fun and exciting. Since it’s your friends, you will be having teamwork and understanding. And most of the time, friends have the same interest as you, thus making it easier to start a business.

Yard Sale

Yard sales with friends are not a permanent job of course, but it is a quick way to earn little savings with your friends before entering into something huge. Plus, doing it with your friends, widens the network and more buyers will arrive for your yard sale.


You and your friends can come along with negotiation and agreement and put on your shares together to launch a company. It is similar to starting a business. Investing in stock markets doesn’t involve going to work every day, you can do it right from your home. There are many projects that you and friends can join and use the potential ability that you have in which you can gain profits and financial benefits of the final projects, like real estate investment. 

Forex Trading

Have you heard of foreign exchange, well you and your friends can join as a forex trading broker in Indonesia. Forex is where the foreign exchange of currency happens, where the majority of the time you work as a broker for two organizations and being the middle man handling and managing the dealings and negotiation. It where the currency exchange happens.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is also another great way to run a business with your friends. Network marketing is where you sell a product to a buyer and recruit them along the way to sell your items. Those who recruit gain a little more profits than those who just sell, and plus those who recruit new members gain a certain percentage of the new member’s profit.

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Way To Earn Money With Your Friends