Among the 5 billion jobs in the whole world, there are a lot of them which uphold a strict dress code where uniforms are necessary as daily working outwear. For a few jobs like police man, doctor and firefighter, their uniforms reflect their identities and help people recognize them especially when trouble occurs. They are not allowed to dress as they like during their working hours because they represent their working department and the uniforms send a message of professionalism for the jobs they work for. 

However, it does not actually apply to all jobs out there. This is because some jobs like writers do not require a dress code as their scope of work does not include involving themselves with the public or working in an office. With that as an example, let’s look at other jobs with unofficial loose dress codes. You might be wondering why “unofficial”, right? Logically, all jobs will need you to dress formally or at least semi-casual for work, that’s why. 

Novel Authors

Some novel authors either work in the office or in the comfort of their home. Even inside the office, they do not have to dress formally because they do not mingle with the readers on a daily basis except during certain conferences and fan-meetings. Thus, it is important for them to dress as comfortably as they can to write and brainstorm ideas for their novels. Some agree that getting comfortable enables the authors to write better and it allows them to beat writer’s block, a situation when a writer faces a lack of idea or motivation to continue writing. Thus, a novel author dresses comfortably but not to the extent that inappropriate clothes are allowed when they work.

Software Developers

For this job, it does not actually apply to all of them. The reason is that despite working with computers and technology gadgets all day, some only spend their working hours on their own to develop the softwares. This means that they work alone with the focus of completing the orders of clients. Meanwhile, some of them have to meet with the customers and discuss the software development they want. In that case, dress code is important because it shows their professionalism and is more proper for their clients. But since most software developers work in their own space to complete their tasks, there is no need for them to dress formally all the time. Instead, they usually wear casual outfits as they spend hours in front of computers or gadgets. Check out this mlm software developer for details of their department services. 

Small Business Employees

For small businesses like our favorite burger stalls and local convenience stores, the employees have no dress code and dress however they want as long as it is appropriate for the public. Lots of old business establishments refuse to make uniforms so that they can appear more friendly and approachable to their customers. Some of them seem to think that uniforms are unnecessary and too formal for their small businesses. Don’t you agree that employees with casual outfits make us more comfortable to have a chat with them?

Last Words

All in all, there are indeed some jobs with loose dress code or in some cases, doesn’t have a dress code at all. Personally, I think it is acceptable as long as it is appropriate and does not cause problems for any party. Why make a fuss about dress code if wearing comfortable outfits increases work performance and gives a positive image to the customers? 

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