As we have already seen, Netflix does not require too high a speed (even if for Ultra HD we start from a required speed of at least 25 Mbps), while for Skype the values ​​vary according to the activity. A simple voice call will only need 0.03 Mpbs in download and 0.1 Mpbs in upload (such low speeds are also calculated in kilobits per second, or kbps). For video calls and screen sharing, 0.128 Mbps download and 0.3 Mbps upload are required, thresholds that obviously rise based on the video quality of the video call and above all based on the participants. Search for the best Time broadband package Malaysia and get the best deal now.

The Aspect of Intense Usage

Speaking instead of more intense uses, things change: in online video games, in addition to download and upload speed, PING is very important. Beyond a certain threshold, in fact, the experience will become frustrating due to the discrepancies between packets sent by the game and received by the player, which I will experience the very famous LAG (jerky movements, involuntary teleportation, delayed perception of events).

While to do live on streaming services or to upload excellent quality videos on Youtube, it will be necessary to have a very high Upload, even if generally this is much lower than the download (sometimes it reaches about 10%).

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Connection speed and smartphone

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, the internet is now also used by smartphones by anyone. For mobile devices, the connection speed is strictly linked to the coverage level of each operator, but thanks to modern technologies it is possible to easily reach very fast connections. 4G technology, the most widespread and supported by most devices, can reach up to 150 Mbps, which for a smartphone and its use is an excellent value.

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