Be informed about the existence of a backlog on the part of the other condominiums such as a puchong condo; ask how you intend to recover it and if once you have purchased the property you will have to partly take charge of it. In fact, the cash fund must, in some way, be maintained to provide for current expenses (such as the payment of utilities and the cleaning of the stairs), therefore, pending forcibly obtaining money from defaulting condominiums, it may be that the missing sums must be divided among all the others;

Also ask if there are pending lawsuits against some condominium owners or third parties. This could lead to additional expenses in the future.

Beware of compromise

Other important tips for buying a house are inherent in compromise. In many cases, before proceeding with the signing of the notarial deed, a compromise or preliminary deed of sale is stipulated. 

It is a contract which does not transfer ownership, but which obliges the parties to enter into the final deed by a certain date. Sometimes, this commitment is signed by the interested parties using a form made available by the real estate agency itself.

You have to pay close attention to this step and don’t underestimate it

In fact, it is a real contract with which you undertake to purchase the property such as a puchong new condo; if you change your mind (even for good reason) you could lose money and even get into litigation. First of all, in order to avoid subsequent surprises that could lead you to no longer want to buy the house, consult some important documents. 

In particular:

Ask the seller for the title of ownership of the house such as puchong utama house for sale, to verify that he really owns it. From the title it can also be deduced the existence of any easements (for example of passage) in favor of third parties.

  • Request a cadastral plan and check that it coincides with the real state of the property, to try to understand if there are illegal works.
  • Go to the Real Estate Registry and request a search on the seller’s name. Alternatively, appoint an agency that deals with these searches. By doing so, you will check whether the house is burdened with mortgages or foreclosures.
  • Have the certificate of habitability of the house shown; if there have been illegal works, check that they have been remedied.


It is true, these are checks that the notary makes before stipulating the definitive deed of sale, however, if you have to sign a compromise, make a commitment and perhaps pays a deposit or a deposit, it is better to do it with your eyes open. For more articles such as this one, click here.

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