Gambling has been an activity that existed for many centuries. It gave spectators more thrill and rewards from watching the sports event being held in front of them while knowing that they have the potential to earn more money if they have won. However, unregulated gambling usually leads to a lot of negative side effects such as losing your financial status and incurring debt. In order to prevent citizens from incurring debts from gambling, casinos are established to regulate these gambling sessions to ensure that both gamblers and dealers are operating according to the code of conduct and are not under the suspicions of operating illegal activities.

Casinos have been around for a long time to provide entertainment to adults when they feel the urge to fulfil their cravings for gambling. Casinos are also known to help the country economically due to how much revenue they generate despite being frowned upon morally and ethically. Countries like France, the United Kingdom and America legalize gambling under heavy restrictions to ensure these casinos are abiding by the code of conduct and prevent illegal operations occurring in the casinos. Islamic countries like Malaysia, Iraq and Saudi Arabia prohibit Muslims from gambling to reinforce the teachings of the Quran which has stated that they are not to indulge themselves into any gambling activities as it will ruin bonds between their personal and family. Therefore, the Sharia law exists to prevent Muslim citizens from gambling.

However, Malaysia is known for its multicultural citizens consisting of mostly Chinese and Indians after Muslims. Therefore, they are able to gamble as freely as they wish to as long as they abide by the rules enforced by the law. Genting Highlands’ casino, Casino de Genting or Sky Casino, is the only legalized landed casino Malaysia has ever built and acknowledged by the government. While it is mainly popular for being one of the biggest amusement parks in Malaysia, it is also the only casino that is legalized in the whole country consisting of multitudes of games to attract many of its gamblers to try out while being strictly regulated by the authorities. As the number of coronavirus reaches in the thousands, the casino has developed an online version of their casino to encourage their loyal members to use their services while providing bonuses to further encourage their members to Genting Highlands. Genting later expanded to other countries such as South Korea, America, Europe and United Kingdoms. Casino de Genting has remained uncontested for the biggest casino in Malaysia as there are no other casinos established are as successful as Casino de Genting.

Some illegal gambling sites disguise themselves as a normal company to  build a hidden door open to their members that provides access to gambling games that could help gamblers to satiate their need to gamble albeit at a smaller scale. These gambling sites are usually out of the police force’s data, but no matter how long they hide themselves, they will eventually get caught.

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