As the coronavirus takes over the world like a storm, people are forced to stay at home to continue working or left jobless with no way of generating income while companies are trying to make ends meet to prevent their companies from bankruptcy while adapting to the new lifestyle that causes their work efficiency and productivity to decrease which also impacts their income. For the people who are staying at home like housewives and unemployed young adults, how do they generate income during this difficult time as more companies are shutting down and less available business opportunities? Thus, multi level marketing companies step in to save the day like a superhero, standing on top of a mountain with their hands on their hips, or so they thought.

Multi level marketing (MLM), or alternatively known as mlm software developer by some, has been on the rise recently due to the coronavirus becoming a more serious threat to everyone all around the world. People who are stuck at home are suffering from an insufficient source of income due to companies who are reducing the amount of employees they can have in the office and are forced to let go some of their employees, leaving them jobless and giving them a harder time to search for jobs too since other companies are also trying to adapt to the new lifestyle while trying to make their business stay afloat. Therefore, MLM companies took this opportunity and actively seek these vulnerable people as the perfect opportunity to recruit them through social media platforms with enticing rewards and promises that would make the uneducated drool at the thought of the potential of investing into their business without knowing they are falling for a scheme that would affect their financial statuses.

By definition, MLM involves an investor to hire a distributor to sell their products and pays their distributors based on the sales they have made. However, most MLM companies twisted this definition and began practicing unethical methods, mainly having their “distributors” to recruit potential distributors as many as possible. MLM companies are infamously known for tricking their distributors by not paying them based on the sales they made as well which made them receive a negative reputation throughout the business world. In some cases, they are also banned by social media platforms to prevent their users from falling for these companies’ schemes. Most victims are also forming groups and forums on social media specifically to educate people on MLM to help them learn more about what MLM is about and how most MLM companies are trying to exploit their distributors by learning the jargons used by the recruiters and facts of MLM that was meant to be used.

As MLM’s scheme becomes more exposed by the victims and kind-hearted businessmen, the MLM industry will soon go out of business. However, that does not stop them from trying as they are always trying new ways to entice more people into their schemes. Besides social media, the education ministry should encourage schools and colleges to teach students about MLM to help them become more cautious and prevent their students from falling into their schemes.

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The Dangers of MLM during COVID-19