Are you moving to a new office because of the increase in the number of employees and clients? Have you decided on the layout of your new office? If you are still confused or do not know what you should add and not add, let us guide you through that. We have listed what you should focus on when you want to redesign the interior and renovate existing parts of the office. 

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Glass Partition

You should install a glass partition if your new office does not have one. This is because instead of a traditional fixed partition, you benefit a lot by installing movable glass partitions. You can easily manage the space for events or meetings by changing the size of the room by moving the movable glass partitions. This will save you a lot of funds because you do not need to book venues outside just for meetings or any training. Not only that, you can even install a fixed glass partition between rooms so that you can monitor what is going on at your office while also providing enough space for your employees to work. 

Break Room

You should set aside an area for the pantry where your employees could relax during their break while having their lunch. This area should be more of a relaxed environment with bean bags and couches for the employees to hang out during their break. You can ask the construction company you hired to build a separation between the break room and the employees’ working area. They will mix mortar and concrete additives Malaysia with the concrete to ensure that your walls and building structure is sturdy and can be well maintained. You can even set aside a mini kitchen where your employees could make their coffee that they could drink while working. On top of that, you can allocate a break room that opens up outdoors for employees that would want to go for a smoke break. By doing this, you can prevent your employees from going out of the office often for breaks and it will also increase their productivity because they will feel that they are working at a place that is employee-oriented too. This is because working in information technology could be extremely stressful

Sanitiser Dispenser

Humans are prone to diseases just like how recently billions of people were infected with the COVID-19 virus. The productivity of many companies has dropped because of the employee being infected with COVID-19. As a measure to protect your employee, install some sanitiser dispensers outside and inside of your office buildings. This is to prevent your employees, customers, and you yourself from contracting or transmitting harmful diseases to each other. 

These are the main things that you should focus on when renovating or redesigning your focus. Because this is not only essential for your employees but also for your customers and you too. To increase the productivity of employees and also to ensure that their physical and mental health is well, add these 3 things to your list.

Renovating Your Office