Time High-Speed Internet For the Best Streaming

As we have already seen, Netflix does not require too high a speed (even if for Ultra HD we start from a required speed of at least 25 Mbps), while for Skype the values ​​vary according to the activity. A simple voice call will only need 0.03 Mpbs in download and 0.1 Mpbs in upload (such low speeds are also calculated in kilobits per second, or kbps). For video calls and screen sharing, 0.128 Mbps download and 0.3 Mbps upload are required, thresholds that obviously rise based on the video quality of the video call and above all based on the participants. Search for the best Time broadband package Malaysia and get the best deal now.

The Aspect of Intense Usage

Speaking instead of more intense uses, things change: in online video games, in addition to download and upload speed, PING is very important. Beyond a certain threshold, in fact, the experience will become frustrating due to the discrepancies between packets sent by the game and received by the player, which I will experience the very famous LAG (jerky movements, involuntary teleportation, delayed perception of events).

While to do live on streaming services or to upload excellent quality videos on Youtube, it will be necessary to have a very high Upload, even if generally this is much lower than the download (sometimes it reaches about 10%).

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Connection speed and smartphone

As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, the internet is now also used by smartphones by anyone. For mobile devices, the connection speed is strictly linked to the coverage level of each operator, but thanks to modern technologies it is possible to easily reach very fast connections. 4G technology, the most widespread and supported by most devices, can reach up to 150 Mbps, which for a smartphone and its use is an excellent value.

5 Malaysian Influencers With Successful Brands

Influencers have been in the raves across the world, dominating any forms of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more platforms to name. Malaysia branding is no exception to gaining many influencers in a short time, in fact, there are many of them who took a step further and utilized their influencing skills to market their products to try their luck and effort on the business field. 

Here are 5 Malaysian influencers with successful brands:

Neelofa (Naelofar) 


Her name is everywhere in the media, so there is a little to no chance Malaysian will not know her or be familiar with her. Noor Neelofa, also known as Neelofa, is regarded as a fashion icon by many Muslim women who wear the hijab. With over 8.5 million followers on Instagram, the beautiful influencer runs as an inspiring entrepreneur, running for her most popular brand across the nation, Naelofar and is also the founder of NH Prima International Sdn. Bhd. Other than her successful career and charming aspects of herself, she has also fronted advertisements for Dior, Lancome, and Swarovski, as well as representing modest fashion during fashion weeks in New York, Milan, and Paris. 

Mira Filzah (Mora)

Here is another familiar name among the Malaysian communities who will always remember her as a talented actress with a modest personality. Mira Filzah is no stranger to runways like Neelofa’s, both representing the modest fashion during fashion weeks in New York. She is a triple threat, holding her career as  a Malaysian actress, host, model, and entrepreneur. She has her own cosmetics product, Mora Essential, as well as her own scarf collection, MF Shawls, which has been operating just as smoothly as her acting. She has been in several Malay romance dramas, which have raked up good ratings including Sweet Dreams, Eksperimen Cinta, Cinta Si Wedding Planner,  and Meh Sandar Pada Aku. She is also a well-known Nona TV host.

Vivy Yusof

Her name rivals with Neelofa and Mira Filzah when it comes to popularity, being one of the most mentioned businesswoman names in Malaysia. Also, her products are just as thriving as her public figure role too! She is well-known as the cofounder of FashionValet, which from the renowned brand itself, we can tell how this is serious business when it comes to Vivy, considering the brand is a fashion site that carries Asia’s leading designer labels which is a no easy fit. Vivy is also  a model, blogger, fashion icon, and a loving mother of two. Living up her religion status as a Muslim woman all her life, she has also created The dUCk Group, her own scarves and branded accessories firm. In addition to Malaysia, the Malaysia-based firm sells in Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

Charis Ow

Charis Ow is a YouTuber, singer, and TV host who has co-founded Niko & Clare with her friend Niniek Sugiarti, which empowers mothers and children in fashion sense with utmost comfort. The brand’s debut collection is titled “We Celebrate ____,” and it serves as a reminder to everyone to look on the bright side of things in these trying times.

What is Forex Hedging?

If you ever wonder what forex hedging is, it is the process of opening multiple new positions to minimize currency risk in forex trading. Due to factors that are unfavorable to forex trading such as changing interest rates or inflation, the foreign currency markets can be heavily affected. Therefore, traders seek to safeguard their open positions by buying or selling more assets to lower the overall exposure risks. Forex hedging is usually a kind of short-term protection, especially when a trader is worried about news or an event that can cause volatility in currency markets.

best online forex brokers indonesia

Hedging currency risk normally involves a high level of expertise from people who understand the hazards of dealing in such a volatile market. Beginner traders, on the other hand, may learn the process of forex hedging if they are determined and have a good understanding of how the market operates. 

Looking at the hedging strategies, forex correlation hedging may be one of the most well known strategies in the forex market. It includes the usage of currency pairs that are highly positively or negatively correlated. A good example would be the GBP/USD and GBP/JPY exchange rates, where under certain circumstances, the percentage of positive correlation between those pairs can go up to 90%. You can interpret that by saying, for 90% of the time, the two pairings are moving in the same direction.

As we know, pairs trading can be used by forex hedgers in both the short and long term. The forex correlation hedging strategy is also market neutral, so fluctuations have no influence on overall positions but rather, it balances positions that act as a hedge against one another. This particular strategy is highly effective in a volatile forex market. Due to the large number of financial instruments that have a positive correlation, pairs trading can also help you broaden your trading portfolio.

As for forex traders who do not want to open many positions for hedging, option trading may be an alternative. This hedging strategy involves the purchase or selling of currency at a fixed price at or before a future expiration date. Since forex options can expire at any time, they are primarily used as a short-term hedging strategy. Options are priced using market prices for currency pairs, specifically the base currency. 

For example, a trader decides to buy a quantity of GBP/AUD as a “call option” because he believes the price will fall. He then buys a “put option” and sells an equal quantity of foreign currency short at the same time to profit from the price drop. As a result, the trader is hedging any currency risk from the dropping position in this way, and he is more likely to avoid losses.

If you’re a forex trader looking to learn how to manage risk, forex hedging is definitely one of the methods you should consider. The first step that you can take is to create a demo account with best online forex brokers indonesia and practice forex hedging strategies without real risk.

Next, select a currency pair to work with to learn how to profit from market volatility. Thirdly, make a detailed plan on your currency hedging strategy with a clear goal or objective in mind. Lastly, always remember to keep up with the latest news and trends.

Information Technology: All The Job Descriptions

If you have no idea what IT means, or are already a student or IT professional, but never stopped to think about what Information Technology really is; this article is for you. Also, find out what the professional does, which college to choose and how to start studying.

information technology management degree

First of all, you may have noticed that the acronym IT refers to Information Technology. But let’s go to the definition.

What is it (information technology)?

Information Technology or IT is the set of activities and solutions involving hardware, software, database and networks that act to facilitate access, analysis and information management. Simply put, IT was created to help humans deal with information.

The number of information available is increasing. Imagine, a library capable of holding all the books ever written in the world. It seems physically impossible, doesn’t it? But the technology makes it possible to store millions of books in digital format on a single computer.

Want another example?

How many people would be needed to calculate the income tax for all Brazilian citizens? You can be sure that the number of civil servants would increase exponentially. But none of this is necessary. Thanks to an integrated software system that analyzes all the reports sent and still finds out if someone is scamming the lion. But all of this technology wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for IT professionals.

What does the IT professional do?

The Information Technology area has several operating segments. I will list some of the areas in no particular order as an example:

  • Schedule
  • Information security
  • Networks
  • Systems Analysis
  • Infrastructure and Hardware

Technical support

Each professional has a role for IT companies to operate, for new technologies to be developed and yet everything that has already been done will continue to work.

The positions they are among the best paid in the market, and there are more vacancies than qualified professionals to fill them.

How to start studying information technology?

There is a lot of material available on the internet for those who want to learn information technology management degree, but not everything is of good quality and finding a study guide can be a very complicated task.

Thinking about it, Widad created a project. This project is an initiative to connect people who want to learn Information Technology with those who are able to teach. Through the Studying IT website, you can start studying for free and without leaving your home

Top 3 Jobs With Unofficial Loose Dress Code.

Among the 5 billion jobs in the whole world, there are a lot of them which uphold a strict dress code where uniforms are necessary as daily working outwear. For a few jobs like police man, doctor and firefighter, their uniforms reflect their identities and help people recognize them especially when trouble occurs. They are not allowed to dress as they like during their working hours because they represent their working department and the uniforms send a message of professionalism for the jobs they work for. 

However, it does not actually apply to all jobs out there. This is because some jobs like writers do not require a dress code as their scope of work does not include involving themselves with the public or working in an office. With that as an example, let’s look at other jobs with unofficial loose dress codes. You might be wondering why “unofficial”, right? Logically, all jobs will need you to dress formally or at least semi-casual for work, that’s why. 

Novel Authors

Some novel authors either work in the office or in the comfort of their home. Even inside the office, they do not have to dress formally because they do not mingle with the readers on a daily basis except during certain conferences and fan-meetings. Thus, it is important for them to dress as comfortably as they can to write and brainstorm ideas for their novels. Some agree that getting comfortable enables the authors to write better and it allows them to beat writer’s block, a situation when a writer faces a lack of idea or motivation to continue writing. Thus, a novel author dresses comfortably but not to the extent that inappropriate clothes are allowed when they work.

Software Developers

For this job, it does not actually apply to all of them. The reason is that despite working with computers and technology gadgets all day, some only spend their working hours on their own to develop the softwares. This means that they work alone with the focus of completing the orders of clients. Meanwhile, some of them have to meet with the customers and discuss the software development they want. In that case, dress code is important because it shows their professionalism and is more proper for their clients. But since most software developers work in their own space to complete their tasks, there is no need for them to dress formally all the time. Instead, they usually wear casual outfits as they spend hours in front of computers or gadgets. Check out this mlm software developer for details of their department services. 

Small Business Employees

For small businesses like our favorite burger stalls and local convenience stores, the employees have no dress code and dress however they want as long as it is appropriate for the public. Lots of old business establishments refuse to make uniforms so that they can appear more friendly and approachable to their customers. Some of them seem to think that uniforms are unnecessary and too formal for their small businesses. Don’t you agree that employees with casual outfits make us more comfortable to have a chat with them?

Last Words

All in all, there are indeed some jobs with loose dress code or in some cases, doesn’t have a dress code at all. Personally, I think it is acceptable as long as it is appropriate and does not cause problems for any party. Why make a fuss about dress code if wearing comfortable outfits increases work performance and gives a positive image to the customers? 

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Journalism And Mass Communication: Get The Degree For The Further Employment

A Bachelor of Arts degree enables students to study a wide range of classes in subjects such as mass media law, writing, and the humanities. The coursework is designed to provide a broad education and to give students a global perspective of the world around them.

Students using laptop together outdoors

What Is A BA In Journalism And Mass Communication? 

Those who take these courses learn to write in many different forms and become proficient at reporting and journalism. Communication law and public relations classes expand their understanding of the full scope of mass communication in today’s society. Students can also specialize in certain types of journalism, such as broadcast journalism and photojournalism.

The critical thinking skills acquired through this degree will help students no matter what career they choose. The ability to become globally aware, and the ability to analyze large amounts of information and then communicate precisely, can make this degree a smart choice for many scientists.

A Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Mass Communication typically requires four years of university studies. The cost of this varies greatly, depending on the location and the type of facility. Prospective students should consult with their respective university to determine the cost of this degree.

Those who complete this undergraduate program often pursue careers as writers or news reporters, but there are those who choose to become media researchers. With the breadth of knowledge gained through this program, these are not the only open career paths. Many graduates find opportunities for careers in advertising, broadcasting, photojournalism, graphic design, or various PR positions.

Students can take courses to earn a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from a variety of locations worldwide. From studying abroad online, the possibilities and options are limitless. Find your program below and contact the admissions office of the school of your choice directly by completing the lead form.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to analyze and differentiate the main influences of the mainstream media on the main cultural practices and social and political institutions; and investigate and explain the historical influences of dominant communication technologies on society, culture, and human behavior.

  • Academic calendar
  • Semester system (16 weeks).
  • The fall semester begins in late August.
  • The spring semester begins in mid-February.

Summer session (mid-June to mid-August); along with a six-week short-term winter session in early January. New international students applying directly from abroad can only apply for the fall or spring semesters at Widad University. Short sessions offer a limited class schedule for “new” students and are best designed for “continuing students.”

Widad College & University offers the best diploma in coaching science.

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Top 3 Grandest Casinos In The World

A lot of people in this world enjoy going to casino outlets. There are many reasons why they like going there. Some of them just love the surroundings that casinos have especially at night. But other people really take pleasure in playing all the casino games that are offered at the outlets. Being in a casino observing others playing can help in self-distracting and you will not notice the time you have lost. 

As we all know, casinos are nothing but glamorous and grand with all the awesome things you can find to entertain yourself and your plus one. There are so many casino outlets around the world. Some of the very prestigious casinos have already established their very brand name in the eyes of the world as the biggest and most impressive casino of all. 

The first casino that is on top of this list is situated in Oklahoma which is called Winstar World Casino. You can never imagine how many game machines it possesses in order to satisfy all the customers coming without them having to wait in line. There are more or less than 7000 gaming machines found in this casino with 600000 square feet of space reserved for gaming sessions. There are other sections of the casino such as table games, non-smoking poker rooms, and a huge bingo hall that can assist almost 800 players at one time. 

Another prestigious casino in Macau sized almost 10.5 million square feet is called Venetian Macau. Located in the south of China with more than 6000 slot machines, this casino is designed to replicate Venice’s canals which is brilliant because it really does look alike. Venetian also has its own electronic table games that are super-efficient and diverse which helps in catering to people’s personal preferences. If you wish to play a more electronic kind of casino, you can get a taste of the experience when you download 918kiss

The third most grand casino in the world is City of Dreams Casino which is insane as it is situated just opposite Venetian and both are obviously in Macau. However, despite being a size smaller than the previous casino, the design and layout of this particular casino are brilliantly made which duplicates the sci-fi and futuristic theme. This kind of atmosphere really attracts those who are into modern landscapes and all. This resort is all you need to go to during the weekend especially because although you do not want to play games, you can enjoy the various restaurants and bars. There is no time for you to be bored when you are at this outlet because they provide so many entertainments ranging from dancing water theatre, bubble fountain, aquarium to an art exhibition and a nightclub. 

Here are the top three of the grandest and biggest casinos the world has ever had. It is still operating well enough despite the pandemic as they have other services to offer to the general public. You should definitely visit these places when you travel to the country. 

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How Mobile Applications Can Improve Your Health

Living in the digitized world, every day is a learning day for us. So many things have been achieved due to the improvement and development of everything around us. These days, we can even have food delivered to us just by clicking here and there. We do not even have to phone them or what but instead, we just rely on a mobile application to do all that for us. It is not surprising that with the technology that has been improving and evolving ever so impressively, we now have countless mobile applications that are able to observe and improve our health and ways of life. This is what we have come to create with agencies like Malaysia web design that has been developing more and more genius applications for the good of mankind. 

Mobile applications have been modified and developed to be super impressive with time. Today, we have Apple Health, FitBit, Glucose Buddy, and many others that you can get on App or Play Store. These apps are super helpful especially for those who have health issues and are in need of constant vigilance from others to remind them at any time of the day. For people who have issues with their glucose readings, they can easily get one of those mobile applications downloaded on their smartphone. After that, you will need to add some of your body information such as weight, height, and health issues you are facing for the mobile applications to do instant diagnosis for you and proceed to observe your health from time to time. 

These applications are able to detect your heartbeat and blood reading for sure. This has been very basic for most mobile health apps because no matter what they specialize in, they always have to be able to detect these two vital readings. When you are running or doing any exercises, your mobile apps or smartwatch will catch and read your heart rate. Quickened heart rate at a dangerous beat will be reminded right away. The same thing goes for your breathing. You will be able to learn how to control every move that you take by listening to the instruction from the application. 

More often than not, when you are not active for a very long time or there has been no detection that your body is in a heated exercise session, your smart mobile app will notify how you have been forgetting to do that one particular exercise. This will in some ways motivate you to stay on track of exercising. 

Our health is just as important and precious as gold. Without our good health, there will be nothing left of us to do. When we are weak to the bones, it will be too late to act up now therefore, you should get one of these brilliantly created mobile applications so that you can improve your quality of life and get a better result of your health screening. The first small step you have to do now is to download the app on your smartphone. 

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Way To Earn Money With Your Friends

Everyone wants to earn money, one way or another, we all just have the desire to be rich and wealthy. Cause that is what success is all about, rich and wealthy. Once you reach that you are a successful person. You either born rich or die rich. It is a famous quote but also truthful If you are doing it this way, then you are doing something wrong with your life. For some it is a born talent to earn money, for some, it can be their luck on things that they just receive money. For others, it is their hard work and effort they put in to be successful. Anyhow, if you want to be successful and rich, here are some ways to do it, especially with your friends.

forex trading broker in Indonesia


By employing your friends as your share partners, you will be saving a lot of profit, and plus working with your friends can be fun and exciting. Since it’s your friends, you will be having teamwork and understanding. And most of the time, friends have the same interest as you, thus making it easier to start a business.

Yard Sale

Yard sales with friends are not a permanent job of course, but it is a quick way to earn little savings with your friends before entering into something huge. Plus, doing it with your friends, widens the network and more buyers will arrive for your yard sale.


You and your friends can come along with negotiation and agreement and put on your shares together to launch a company. It is similar to starting a business. Investing in stock markets doesn’t involve going to work every day, you can do it right from your home. There are many projects that you and friends can join and use the potential ability that you have in which you can gain profits and financial benefits of the final projects, like real estate investment. 

Forex Trading

Have you heard of foreign exchange, well you and your friends can join as a forex trading broker in Indonesia. Forex is where the foreign exchange of currency happens, where the majority of the time you work as a broker for two organizations and being the middle man handling and managing the dealings and negotiation. It where the currency exchange happens.

Network Marketing

Network marketing is also another great way to run a business with your friends. Network marketing is where you sell a product to a buyer and recruit them along the way to sell your items. Those who recruit gain a little more profits than those who just sell, and plus those who recruit new members gain a certain percentage of the new member’s profit.

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How to Deal with Cheaters in Gambling

No matter where you go in this globe, you will always have to deal with negative people or what they call, those types of people who choose to be on the left side. Like for example when it comes to gambling, there will be a lot of times when you come across cheaters. How should you deal with them, considering that they are becoming common that even in macau4d online, you might still come across them? 

Have you seen someone cheating? When you are in a casino, do you think you can cheat? Well, if you happen to be a newbie, you might be scared to cheap in such a big facility. However, for seasoned bettors, cheating for them is but ordinary, especially if they are already used to doing them. So, how do you think they cheat? Check this out:

  • When one will decide to cheat in a casino, he will usually work with the dealer as it will be almost impossible not to. It is actually the dealer who will do the dirty work as the cheat will happen while he is shuffling the cards. He will do it in a way that other cards will just remain in place so his co-cheater will get the desired cards. 
  • The past posting in a roulette game is another common way to cheat. This involves other players and they need to distract the dealer so it will not notice what they are trying to do. In this instance, there is a dummy cheater while there is also the real cheater. The goal is the real cheater is like a backup so that if the dummy cheater will be caught. The real cheater will win. 
  • Another way to cheat is by using a hidden camera. Well, this is not an easy thing to do though and this will definitely need a lot of practice so when executed, the cheaters will not be caught. After all, the dealers are not dumb and besides, casino houses are full of camera they can review anytime. 

Yes, cheaters can be annoying, and you can’t really trust for sure that in the online version, they are now around. The thing with people these days is they don’t feel embarrassed at all when they are aught cheating and if they succeed, they don’t just enjoy the money, they will even brag about it!

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