vPerhaps, in this way, the owner is trying to hide an ineradicable unpleasant smell or noisy neighbors. For Dutamas condo for rent you need to approach the right people.

It is better to rent an apartment a little later, spending more time searching and checking information about the documents of the owners and the apartment itself, but be sure that you and your family will live here comfortably. 

Types of apartment rental fraud 

Fraudsters have been inventive at all times, so you need to be aware of what schemes exist and what to fear in order not to get into trouble. 

Information Services 

If information services are imposed on you, and there is not a word in the agreement about helping the tenant in renting an apartment, you have an information bureau in front of you. By signing an agreement, which does not contain a word that they will help you find a suitable option and conclude a deal with the owner, you voluntarily agree to their terms. That is, they will sell you a database of apartments / phones (irrelevant), but there will be no result. 

Another owner 

The next scheme scammers rent an apartment for a day / a month, and then rent it out to victims for a long time. The further scenario can be varied: 

  • the keys just won’t fit the lock; 
  • after some time, the real owner will appear; 
  • your belongings will disappear from the apartment and much more. 

In addition, a property can have several owners at the same time. Then one of them can go for Dutamas property for rent only with the consent of all the others. A frequent scheme, when the second owner suddenly appears, says that he did not know about the deal and evicts the affected tenants. To do this, you need to check the title documents. And, if there are more than one owner, there must be a notarized consent from the rest. 

That is why it is so important to check the documents of the owner of the apartment, in particular, confirming the ownership of the person who stands in front of you while watching. 

Real owners 

The “real owner” scheme is aimed at non-conflict people. After signing the documents, an indignant person appears on the doorstep, introducing himself as the owner of the home and in a harsh manner demanding those present to leave the premises. In this situation, you do not need to get lost, but demand the documents of the person who has appeared. Unless this is the previous scheme, the “owner” will not have the documents. Just insist on a legal investigation of the situation and offer to call the police. 

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