Have you been saving money because you want to buy a property somewhere in Malaysia like maybe in Kota Kinabalu or Cheras? We all know how expensive properties these days are and thus, it should not be easy to come up even for the down payment only. But your dream Mont Kiara property is worth saving up so, you should really tighten your belt. 

Here are some ways that might help in saving money:

  • As much as possible, you should avoid dining out as even if you will say that you only go to affordable diners, still it will be more affordable if you will just eat in. Yes, there are times when you do it because you are celebrating special days, but you can also do that if you will just cook home. 
  • Instead of going to saloons like the usual, you can just do your hair or nails for the time being since you have a very important reason to save money. This is not something that you can just ignore since this is your future home. For sure you can sacrifice that much. 
  • You can stop using your credit card for the time being. You see, when you use your credit cards, you tend to buy things that are not really needed and besides, credit cards incur interests. 
  • Are you subscribed to some mobile apps that you don’t use anymore, or you don’t use often? It might be better if you will just cancel them so help in saving money. 
  • Before anything else, you should at least save money every time you receive your pay and make do of what’s left. Of course, you also need to save realistically so the you won’t be able to touch it no matter what. 10% of what you earn is reasonable enough. 
  • Before you buy anything, you should compare to other options and when you do compare, you also need to consider the quality. Don’t assume that cheaper products are always the best options as sometimes that is not the case. In the end, you tend to buy more because the one you bought did not last. 

The thing when it comes to saving money is, it is easier said than done. If you want to really achieve your goal, you need to really do this and not just plan for it. If you are serious about this, you should be able t do it.

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How to Effectively Save Money