Popeye the Sailor Man is a famous cartoon character famous for his heroic acts where he would save his love interest, Olive Oyl, from all the shenanigans that the bad guys pulled. While he is already muscular, Popeye’s energy will often deteriorate when he fights the bad guys, but worry not as he has a secret weapon to re-energise himself back. That secret weapon is actually a tin of spinach. 

Spinach is a leafy green plant that is commonly found in the central and western part of Asia. The parts that are typically consumed are the leaves and are eaten in fresh or through other packaging methods like canned, frozen or dried. There are a lot of perks from eating spinach, and if you have never tried eating it, you may want to after reading this article. 

Why Spinach Is Good For You

Your Bones Becomes Stronger

Spinach is one of those vegetables that are rich in vitamin K in which it helps to facilitate the development of a certain type of protein which is called Osteoclac. The main purpose of this protein is to balance out the calcium inside the bones. Along with it having an ample amount of vitamin K, it is also a decent resource of calcium and vitamin D. Magnesium and vitamin C are also nutrients that are found in spinach which are the essentials for healthy bones. 

Improving Your Eyesight and Digestive System 

Like carrots, spinach can help in improving your eyesight as well as strengthen your immune system by having nutrients such as beta carotene, zeaxanthin and lutein in the plant. In terms of improving your eyesight, lutein and zeaxanthin are located in a place called the macula, a part of the retina which acts as a natural sunblock. By doing so, it will shield your eyes from lights that could be damaging to your eyes which then leads to you having to wear sunglasses whenever you drive.  

Protecting Your Heart 

Vitamin C can be found in a lot of vegetables, and this also includes spinach. Vitamin C is capable of avoiding wrinkles and saving one from getting any serious skin conditions, recurring health issues and cardiovascular disorders. The presence of lutein also stops the walls of the arteries from thickening which leads to decreasing the risk of a person from getting a heart attack. Nitrate, which can also be found in spinach, prevents heart attacks as well as preventing heart failures that are associated with fat disposition. 

Energizing Your Body

Much like Popeye, you too can get re-energise by eating spinach. This is due to the plant having the necessary amount of magnesium that will provide you strength for you to go through the day. This plant is also a fantastic resource of folate which is a type of mineral that helps to convert food into usable energy into your body. When your body is alkalised, it will help in reserving it during the day, and spinach is one of the vegetables that allow you to do that. 

In short, there are a lot of benefits that spinach can give you. Be it in fresh, frozen or canned form, by having spinach in your diet, you will be able to be like Popeye in no time!

Eat Your Spinach, Kids!