Gombak is one of the most visited places in Malaysia because of its interesting offers. Yes, and while some of them are man-made, you can also enjoy God-made attractions such as the Genting Highlands, Kl forest eco-park and still a lot more. Thus, if you are also planning to enjoy what Gombak can offer, you should find a place to rent in this area first. 

You can check out the condo for rent Gombak that is surrounded by the best amenities and it at the centre of this district or maybe you can also check out the house for rent Dutamas, especially if you are going to be with your entire family. After all, we all know that a Gombak condo or condo for sale Cheras can only accommodate 2 to 3 people at the most or else, you will really be cramped. 

If you are planning to rent a condo though, because you will just be with a friend or maybe a partner, you to be warned about the most common mistakes of condo living that others have done. Check this out:

  • Even if you are planning to really stay in the said district for years, like maybe you are not just there for the entertainment, but you are really assigned in this part of the globe, you should not just buy all the appliances at once. That is right as if you do so, you will surely end up spending more than if you will plan every appliance carefully. 
  • We usually want to just choose one shop so we can get a discount or to speed up things. But the thing is, every shop has a different specialization and if you will choose a shop that really manufactures the items they sell, you will end up paying less compared to when you will just choose a retailer. 
  • Scrimping on stuff too much is another mistake. Yes, this usually happens when one is working on a budget and ends up buying things that are really cheap or the cheapest they can find. Actually, it is not advisable to buy something really expensive as well, especially that you are just renting. But the bottom line is, you should prioritize quality. You don’t need to consider the brand as if you will be resourceful, you might find products that are not known yet, but are of good quality already. Most of the time, the prices of such things are reasonable. 
  • Another mistake is when you are too excited to fill your condo unit right away. It would be better if you just do it one at a time, especially that there are times when you will come across discounted items, and trust me, you will really regret you have bought one already. 

Not all people can get used to living in a condo, but then again, if this is your only option, you can always adjust. You see, you don’t need to go through the same mistakes just to learn as you can learn through the mistakes of other people. 

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Condo Living – Common Mistakes