A night at the best online casino in Malaysia can be an expensive but enjoyable way to spend an evening. It could also be a complete waste of money. A professional shark, or simply a seasoned visitor, is likely to be familiar with casino games. However, a newbie might easily become overwhelmed by choices and fall into several frequent pitfalls. After all, casinos are companies, and their main objective is to remove you from your cash. That is acceptable. Set a decent budget and enjoy whatever games you most prefer if you’re just there to soak up the ambience and pretend to be James Bond. However, if you want to increase your chances of beating the house, avoid the following casino games:

best online casino in Malaysia
  • Slots

The casino’s largest scam is slot machines. Let’s take a look at the facts before you start sending out a blitz of angrily worded e-mails. To begin with, if slot machines are your favourite game in the world and you understand the odds, go for it. Unfortunately, I see a lot of casino gamblers taking a seat and mindlessly dumping money down the toilet because they’re hesitant to try table games. After all, on the slot machines, there are no rules to learn, no decisions to make, and no embarrassing and potentially costly mistakes to make. When you factor in the fact that a gambler will be spinning hundreds of times each hour, the slot machine is among the worst games on a casino floor. You’ll not only earn a lower reward than you would at a table game, but you’ll also be putting a lot more money into play per hour. From the time you sit down at a slot machine, you’re essentially bleeding money. By avoiding slot machines entirely, you will be able to maximise the value of your gambling dollar.

  • Keno

Real cash Keno should be avoided for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the house edge. Few casino games have a larger house advantage than keno. The impressive house advantage fluctuates between 20% and 30%. If Las Vegas was founded on the backs of losers, then anybody who has ever bought a keno ticket is to blame for the city’s enormous size. The big winnings provided by keno typically entice players. The two games have a lot in common, just like the lottery. Fortunately, the action is fairly leisurely in between the illustrations. Otherwise, you’d go through a large sum of money in a matter of hours. Of course, keno’s slow pace is another reason why it should be avoided entirely. The game’s long duration is your only ally in keno, but it also makes it extremely monotonous. Even bingo or lottery fans will quickly discover they aren’t receiving much entertainment value for their money and will seek entertainment elsewhere.

  • The Big Wheel

The enormous wheel goes by many names, but they all offer gamers awful odds. It’s a bad bet whenever you see a large wheel, which is normally at the casino’s main entrance. You offer the casino an edge of 11 to 24 per cent when you play the large wheel, depending on the house odds and the number you wager on. On the wheel, there are no reasonable bets. In the long run, you’ll lose between $11 and $24 for every $100 you wager.

Casino Games You Should Avoid
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