The greatest PC games we’re playing right now are on this list—recent single-player hits, booming esports, and a few modern oldies that would enhance any library. As new games come out, we’ll update this list, deleting old favourites and replacing them with our current obsessions. We’re aiming for a sensible solution to the question: ‘What new games should I play?’ rather than an ever-expanding list that extends deep into the past. However, these games are more directed towards young adults and adults. If you are one of the Malaysia website designers, you will have a fun time playing these games.

  • Bayonetta

Bayonetta has become one of the greatest action games of all time, comfortably ranking alongside genre classics like God Hand, Devil May Cry 3, and Ninja Gaiden Black. Bayonetta is a fast-paced action game that pits your combination skills against every divine creature in the Bible. Despite Bayonetta’s low performance on the PlayStation 3, the PC port is fantastic. It features a rock-solid frame rate and a variety of unusual resolutions, making this release the definitive angel-slaying adventure.

  • Disco Elysium: The Final Cut

Upon its debut in 2019, Disco Elysium received numerous awards, including a high score from GameSpot, numerous Game of the Year nominations, and multiple Best Narrative wins. An enhanced Final Cut was released earlier this year on PC and PlayStation (4 and 5) with substantial voice acting (nearly a million words of voice acting) and additional quests.

  • Hitman 3

Agent 47 returns for a sequence of climactic assassination missions that take him to Berlin warehouse raves, Argentinian wineries, and enormous English homes. Players can now again take out targets in a variety of ways, including getting up close for sophisticated trap kills or blasting the location to bits in a Scarface-style bullet frenzy.

  • The Walking Dead: Episode 2 – Starved For Help

The Walking Dead has returned! The Walking Dead, which vanished from digital marketplaces when developer Telltale Games went bankrupt, has been brought back to life by publisher Skybound Games. In this choice-based adventure game, you play Lee, a former professor and convicted felon who is attempting to withstand a zombie outbreak while protecting a young girl, Clementine. Get some tissues handy at the conclusion.

  • Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, often known as Resident Evil 8, honours the 25th anniversary of the venerable survival horror series. It’s a celebration of everything that makes the series great: tension, intriguing characters, high-octane fighting, and fantastical settings. And then there are the horrors. So much fear. For aficionados of the game, Resident Evil Village is a no-brainer, and everyone who feels they’re up to it should play it.

  • Monster Hunter Rise

In the newest Monster Hunter game, choose an unusual weapon, call your gigantic dog and helpful cat pals, and set off to slay strange animals. Even though fighting is intense and fast-paced, its trademark mix of tense violence and joyous humour is weirdly soothing.

  • The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us offers a well-written plot, light puzzle-solving tasks, and reflex-testing Quick Time Event (QTE) scenes, and is a canonical prequel to Bill Willingham’s popular Fables comic book series. The visually arresting title is inspired by film noir, yet retains the dark black outlines and vivid colours associated with the source material. The Wolf Among Us will find a place in your PC gaming library if you want to spend a couple of hours in a fascinating universe filled with fascinating characters and top-notch voice acting.

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Best Games in 2021