Influencers have been in the raves across the world, dominating any forms of social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and many more platforms to name. Malaysia branding is no exception to gaining many influencers in a short time, in fact, there are many of them who took a step further and utilized their influencing skills to market their products to try their luck and effort on the business field. 

Here are 5 Malaysian influencers with successful brands:

Neelofa (Naelofar) 


Her name is everywhere in the media, so there is a little to no chance Malaysian will not know her or be familiar with her. Noor Neelofa, also known as Neelofa, is regarded as a fashion icon by many Muslim women who wear the hijab. With over 8.5 million followers on Instagram, the beautiful influencer runs as an inspiring entrepreneur, running for her most popular brand across the nation, Naelofar and is also the founder of NH Prima International Sdn. Bhd. Other than her successful career and charming aspects of herself, she has also fronted advertisements for Dior, Lancome, and Swarovski, as well as representing modest fashion during fashion weeks in New York, Milan, and Paris. 

Mira Filzah (Mora)

Here is another familiar name among the Malaysian communities who will always remember her as a talented actress with a modest personality. Mira Filzah is no stranger to runways like Neelofa’s, both representing the modest fashion during fashion weeks in New York. She is a triple threat, holding her career as  a Malaysian actress, host, model, and entrepreneur. She has her own cosmetics product, Mora Essential, as well as her own scarf collection, MF Shawls, which has been operating just as smoothly as her acting. She has been in several Malay romance dramas, which have raked up good ratings including Sweet Dreams, Eksperimen Cinta, Cinta Si Wedding Planner,  and Meh Sandar Pada Aku. She is also a well-known Nona TV host.

Vivy Yusof

Her name rivals with Neelofa and Mira Filzah when it comes to popularity, being one of the most mentioned businesswoman names in Malaysia. Also, her products are just as thriving as her public figure role too! She is well-known as the cofounder of FashionValet, which from the renowned brand itself, we can tell how this is serious business when it comes to Vivy, considering the brand is a fashion site that carries Asia’s leading designer labels which is a no easy fit. Vivy is also  a model, blogger, fashion icon, and a loving mother of two. Living up her religion status as a Muslim woman all her life, she has also created The dUCk Group, her own scarves and branded accessories firm. In addition to Malaysia, the Malaysia-based firm sells in Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

Charis Ow

Charis Ow is a YouTuber, singer, and TV host who has co-founded Niko & Clare with her friend Niniek Sugiarti, which empowers mothers and children in fashion sense with utmost comfort. The brand’s debut collection is titled “We Celebrate ____,” and it serves as a reminder to everyone to look on the bright side of things in these trying times.

5 Malaysian Influencers With Successful Brands